Hello Everyone,

Today’s mini-tutorial is about using Alcohol Ink and Plastic Wrap to create an abstract painting.

It’s a beautiful morning here in Central Florida after two full days of rain.  I love to get up early to see the daybreak.  The light is just starting to filter through the trees in the woods in my backyard.  Have you ever noticed that the sky changes minute by minute in the morning?  If you are not looking, you can miss some of the most spectacular views.  Interesting, today there are some cool geometric shapes being formed by the light and the tree branches of a pine and pin oak.  The pine is one of those tall, long needle trees with branches that stick straight out horizontal to the ground.  With the pin oak slightly in front of and to the right of it, the branches create almost a large, deep mosaic pattern.  As the light changes, the mosaic becomes blue, then pink, then yellow, and then back to blue.  A jet plane leaves a stream of white plume dancing through the sky until it softly disappears.    It is a beautiful and calming sight to meditate on.    And so the day begins.  My meditation is complete,  and now I am ready to experiment and create a new piece of artwork.

Hmmm,  I wonder if I can create an abstract with alcohol inks based on that little bit of morning inspiration.  I think that Yupo paper, inks and plastic wrap would work.  Maybe I will also use a distress spritzer marker to dry the inks.  I want a thicker, saturated ink, so I think I will use Jacquard Piñata.  What else do I need to think about?  Oh yes, colors and placement.  So come with me on my journey to making a pretty cool abstract inspired by my morning views of nature.

Click on the picture below to see my process:

Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Ink and Plastic Wrap