So we know what alcohol ink is, but what is ceramic tile paper? Isn’t a tile made out of porcelain or ceramic? That’s our first thought. But, no, this is a polypropylene-based paper that has a top layer to emulate the high gloss of ceramic tiles! The paper was developed by Erbie Funkkenall from Australia. And, of course, it is produced in Australia!

The paper has a beautiful pearlescent sheen which allows the inks to stay very vivid, and, …drumroll please… it cleans back to white!

No masking needed in our paintings to keep areas white; no staining on the paper from the inks like with yupo, and the colors stay much more vivid than they do on modeling film! The paper comes in rolls, so you can cut the size you need.

Several months ago, the paper was introduced to a small group of artists to try out. I was fortunate to be one of them. How exciting! A new substrate to paint on. A ceramic tile paper Facebook group was formed, and a number of us have been learning from each other just how this paper works.

So after my own trials with good, and not so good results, I am delighted that I can use this substrate to create stunning floral and garden paintings. I ended up with a private student last week and introduced the paper to her. And Rhonda created a stunning painting on this paper!

Ceramic Tile Paper used in Alcohol Ink Art - Student Art Example

For my local students, if you want to try this paper out, just email me for details.

Click here to watch a mini-lesson in painting a daisy and poppy garden with alcohol ink on the ceramic tile paper! I’d love to see your work!

Happy Inking!