Hello Everyone,

It seems that a lot of artists are interested in using resin with alcohol inks in their art these days. From resin top coats on paintings, flowing colored resin on a hard surface to make abstract art, to using molds to create resin shapes with interesting patterns created by the combination with alcohol ink, the possibilities are endless.

Intrigued by a resin and alcohol ink “petri” that another artist sent me, I had to experiment. I already had Art Resin brand resin and alcohol inks in the studio, so I ordered silicone molds. I played with molds to make coasters and jewelry pendants. I had to figure out how much resin I would need, how much inks to add to the resin, what colors worked well, and what patterns I could create.

The first batch of coasters were a disaster…too much ink, no great textures and bubbles, yikes! The second batch of three coasters yielded 2 that had what I was looking for. By the third batch, I think I got it.

Alcohol ink Resin Coasters

Batch 3: Art Resin, Piñata Senorita Magenta ink, Ranger Ink in Sailboat and Butterscotch and Piñata Blanco.

I was pretty happy with this coaster, but got to thinking, how can I make a great design with the inks in the resin without the dots that appear from the white ink sinking through?

So I did some more research and learned that I could add the white alcohol ink to a small batch of resin ahead of time and used the mixture as opposed to straight ink.

Alcohol ink Resin Coasters

Batch 4: mixing Piñata Blanco with a small amount of resin before pouring into the mold

Back to experimenting with success on the first try. When one of my newest alcohol ink art students asked if I taught classes on how to make the resin coasters, which were in my gallery, I was inspired to create a video tutorial. I have no space that is big enough to teach resin, and I am not an expert!

Click the link to part I of the video tutorial on making the coasters. I hope you find this helpful and look forward to seeing your resin art!

Happy Inking!