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Painting A Vase of Flowers: Alcohol Inks and a Rocket Duster

By korinnec / January 15, 2020
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  It’s January in Florida which should bring cooler, brisk air.  But, this week we have spring like temperatures in the low 80’s!  Of course, for me,  this just inspires me to paint a vase of flowers with alcohol inks and a rocket duster.   One of my favorite tools to use to move alcohol inks is a computer duster. This tool, meant to blow dust out of a camera or keyboard and other computer parts, gives a gentle puff of air which is easily controlled as you squeeze the tool.  I use a rocket duster which I found on […]

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A Winter’s Night On Black Modeling Film

By korinnec / December 6, 2019
winters night blog post final

Hi Everyone, It’s that special time of year…a time for family, friends, joy, celebration, and giving. Many areas of the U.S. have been blanketed with the beauty of snow…beauty, that is, if you are inside gazing out. It made me think of this poem: Winter’s Artist by Suzanne Bates An awesome scene the artist paints, expert and deft his hand. Brushstrokes swift, he draws with ease, a winter wonderland. Landscape sketched from memory, heavens and land entwine Rapidly the scene is set, exquisitely divine. Pine trees reaching tall and proud, like statues standing still. There is no wind to speak […]

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Dandelion Field – Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

By korinnec / August 14, 2019
Dandelion Field - Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

Hi Everyone, Hope you are enjoying your summer! It is rainy season here in Florida… very hot and very humid. It makes for a good time to paint indoors with my alcohol inks. I have been busy this summer. Yes, I finished putting together my second e-course which is pretty exciting. I added live chat sessions – a first for me. I have a number of students enrolled and look forward to working with them. You can register at any time at https://sherylwilliamsart.com/product/poppies-by-the-sea. As you know, I am very active in the Alcohol Ink Society and Community both as a […]

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Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tile Paper

By korinnec / June 4, 2019

So we know what alcohol ink is, but what is ceramic tile paper? Isn’t a tile made out of porcelain or ceramic? That’s our first thought. But, no, this is a polypropylene-based paper that has a top layer to emulate the high gloss of ceramic tiles! The paper was developed by Erbie Funkkenall from Australia. And, of course, it is produced in Australia! The paper has a beautiful pearlescent sheen which allows the inks to stay very vivid, and, …drumroll please… it cleans back to white! No masking needed in our paintings to keep areas white; no staining on the […]

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How to Give Your Artwork a Resin Finish

By korinnec / April 1, 2019
Resin Art for Beginners - If you want to finish your art with Resin, this post will tell you what you need. There's also a video with step-by-step tutorial.

Hello Art Friends, Spring is here in many places around the U.S. It gives me such energy to create in alcohol ink and resin! And, of course, I want to garden! I just love how the spring flowers are popping out. I am getting ready to totally revamp a garden. I just finished making a garden plan and ordered plants from a favorite nursery. So much fun to combine colors, textures, and shapes, just like in my paintings! I hope you are as energized as I am to create…in whatever way is right for you! Today, I have a surprise […]

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Introducing Kielty Alcohol Ink and Porous Surface Converter

By korinnec / February 4, 2019

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and are enjoying the start of the New Year! For my friends in the northern part of the U.S., it’s a good time to be indoors and painting given the frigid temperatures outside. In early December, I came across a YouTube video by Myriam’s Nature introducing Kielty Inks from Ireland. It certainly peaked my interest. The colors looked rich, and the company had developed products that were advertised as non-toxic. I quickly went to the website to find the company offers: inks; a retarding mixative to extend the working time […]

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