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Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tile Paper

By korinnec / June 4, 2019

So we know what alcohol ink is, but what is ceramic tile paper? Isn’t a tile made out of porcelain or ceramic? That’s our first thought. But, no, this is a polypropylene-based paper that has a top layer to emulate the high gloss of ceramic tiles! The paper was developed by Erbie Funkkenall from Australia. And, of course, it is produced in Australia! The paper has a beautiful pearlescent sheen which allows the inks to stay very vivid, and, …drumroll please… it cleans back to white! No masking needed in our paintings to keep areas white; no staining on the […]

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How to Give Your Artwork a Resin Finish

By korinnec / April 1, 2019
Resin Art for Beginners - If you want to finish your art with Resin, this post will tell you what you need. There's also a video with step-by-step tutorial.

Hello Art Friends, Spring is here in many places around the U.S. It gives me such energy to create in alcohol ink and resin! And, of course, I want to garden! I just love how the spring flowers are popping out. I am getting ready to totally revamp a garden. I just finished making a garden plan and ordered plants from a favorite nursery. So much fun to combine colors, textures, and shapes, just like in my paintings! I hope you are as energized as I am to create…in whatever way is right for you! Today, I have a surprise […]

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Introducing Kielty Alcohol Ink and Porous Surface Converter

By korinnec / February 4, 2019

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and are enjoying the start of the New Year! For my friends in the northern part of the U.S., it’s a good time to be indoors and painting given the frigid temperatures outside. In early December, I came across a YouTube video by Myriam’s Nature introducing Kielty Inks from Ireland. It certainly peaked my interest. The colors looked rich, and the company had developed products that were advertised as non-toxic. I quickly went to the website to find the company offers: inks; a retarding mixative to extend the working time […]

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Abstract Poinsettia

By korinnec / December 4, 2018
Abstract Poinsettias with Alcohol Inks

Hello Everyone, It seems I find myself creating lots of alcohol ink art paintings of poinsettias at this time of year to send as holiday greetings to friends and family. As I sit here writing this blog, I gaze out the window at poinsettias both in my front yard and the neighbors. Always curious, I start to wonder, what is the symbolism of the poinsettia at Christmas time? So, I went exploring to find out, and here is what I discovered: Origin of the poinsettia These festive flowers are native to Central America. According to history, the Aztecs used the […]

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Alcohol Ink Holiday Ornaments

By korinnec / October 15, 2018
Alcohol Christmas Ornaments - Learn how to use Alcohol Ink to make Christmas ornaments for your friends and family.

Hello Everyone, Well, it’s officially autumn here in Florida. Which means the humidity drops a little and it’s not 100 degrees every day with the heat index. I do miss the changing of the leaves and the crisp fall air. It is always a reminder that the holidays are coming. But, regardless, it is time for me to paint Christmas ornaments for an upcoming art and craft show here in Mt. Dora, FL on October 27 and 28. They were a big seller last year in the Gallery and fun to make. I recently had an artist ask if I […]

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Finishing Your Alcohol Ink and Resin Coasters

By korinnec / August 17, 2018
resin coasters with alcohol ink

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a great time experimenting with making alcohol ink and resin coasters with your silicone mold. Now, you could leave the disk the way it came out of the mold. But, it might have a somewhat sharp lip on it. And, that doesn’t give it a finished look. Let me share with you the next steps to achieve that smooth, highly polished look that I created. You will need: • A container of water big enough to dip the disk into • Wet/Dry sandpaper 200 grit • Paper towels • Small plastic cup or another […]

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