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Alcohol Ink Painting Inspirations

By korinnec / June 29, 2018
Alcohol Ink Painting Inspirations - large

Each Saturday when I am at my gallery, I spend time talking with my students and visitors about my art. Yes, there are many questions about what alcohol ink is… no, it is not drinking and painting… yes, it is a dye and alcohol compound. I am often questioned about what inspires me to create many different types of art from abstract to representational, blooms to landscapes, and of course the mixed media Caity Girls. So this is a picture of my current gallery wall of art. Let’s start here… I am always inspired by nature. I grew up with […]

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How to Paint an Ocean Scene with Alcohol Ink and a Key Card

By korinnec / May 31, 2018
Alcohol Ink Ocean Scene by using a key card

CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE THE PASSCODE TO VIEW TODAY’S VIDEO For Mother’s day, my husband and I went to New Smyrna Beach, Fl and had a delightful brunch. Afterward, we walked the beach for miles. I loved the soothing sound of the ocean as the waves formed, crested then crashed. It was low tide, and I walked through much sargassum seaweed. Because of the ecological importance of sargassum, which provides food, refuge and breeding grounds for much marine life, the beaches were not cleaned of this. I got pleasure from watching the little sandpipers run toward the ocean as the […]

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Alcohol Ink Art Conference

By korinnec / April 6, 2018
Alcohol Ink Art Conference featuring Korinne Carpino - Spring 2018

Alcohol Ink Art Conference Join Me!  I am fortunate to be a contributor to the Alcohol Ink Art Society.  This Society provides a wealth of information, tips, tricks, demonstration in the wonders of Alcohol Ink Art.  This community teaches, encourages creativity and helps artists of all levels and is offering an Alcohol Ink Art Conference. Read below to find out more about the membership and the conference.   What do you get with membership?                                                    Demonstrations, tutorials, […]

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Alcohol Ink and Plastic Wrap Art

By korinnec / March 21, 2018
Alcohol Ink

Hello Everyone, Today’s mini-tutorial is about using Alcohol Ink and Plastic Wrap to create an abstract painting. It’s a beautiful morning here in Central Florida after two full days of rain.  I love to get up early to see the daybreak.  The light is just starting to filter through the trees in the woods in my backyard.  Have you ever noticed that the sky changes minute by minute in the morning?  If you are not looking, you can miss some of the most spectacular views.  Interesting, today there are some cool geometric shapes being formed by the light and the […]

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Lifting Inks

By korinnec / March 1, 2018

Hello Everyone, Today my topic is about lifting alcohol inks to create a forest scene.  A number of years ago, when I was first learning to use alcohol inks,  I took an online class with Artist, Karen Walker, and learned a lifting technique.  Over the years, my art has evolved into my own style, with lifting alcohol ink incorporated into my process. Starting with an inked background. When inking a background for this painting, I needed to plan out where the shadows and the sunlight would be.  That influenced the placement of my alcohol inks.  As you will see in […]

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Painting Poppies with Alcohol Ink

By korinnec / February 2, 2018

  Hello and Welcome to my Blog! Here  you will find Tips, Tricks, Techniques and other information about Alcohol Ink Painting and Mixed Media Art Whether you are looking for an alcohol ink Art Class taught by me in Mount Dora, FL; an original mixed media or abstract painting or print; or want to browse in the Gallery, click any of the links to enter. If you are interested in alcohol ink techniques, follow me as I add new lessons each month. The most frequent question I get is “what is alcohol ink?”.  Is this sipping wine and painting with ink?  Well, […]

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