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The most frequent question I get is “what is alcohol ink?”.  Is this sipping wine and painting with ink?  Well, not exactly, there is no wine required!

Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented dye based, and fast drying medium to be used on any non-porous surfaces.  The contents include Isopropanol.  This is essentially isopropyl alcohol that we are used to seeing in a doctor’s office or maybe in our own home. Care should be taken to use these inks in a well-ventilated place, as the vapors can be irritating and they can cause flash fires!  Now, I have never had this happen, and I always work with the windows open.  I also wear a mask when working for an extensive period of time.  Better to be safe!

What brand of ink to use is personal preference.  I use Ranger, Jacquard Piñata, Zig and Spectrum Noir.  There are other colors which I have yet to explore.

Today’s Lesson is Poppies

This week, I posted a painting on Facebook of these beautiful poppies painted with alcohol ink and an aqua brush on Yupo.  Yupo is a tree free, polypropylene paper.  I prefer the translucent paper for this type of painting as the surface is slightly different from regular yupo and the inks don’t stain it as much.

Click on the picture to see the instructions!


How to paint beautiful poppies with Ranger alcohol ink and an aqua brush on Yupo.  Click on the picture to see the instructions!

Alcohol Ink Poppies


Happy Inking!