Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your summer! It is rainy season here in Florida… very hot and very humid. It makes for a good time to paint indoors with my alcohol inks.

I have been busy this summer. Yes, I finished putting together my second e-course which is pretty exciting. I added live chat sessions – a first for me. I have a number of students enrolled and look forward to working with them.

You can register at any time at https://sherylwilliamsart.com/product/poppies-by-the-sea.

As you know, I am very active in the Alcohol Ink Society and Community both as a contributor and instructor. I am again contributing to our next workshop on representational art. It’s free to join the community! The Society offers exclusive resources to its members with lifetime access for a small one time fee.

Check it out at https://alcoholink.community/joinaiac/?aff=Korinnec

I am always working on coming up with new alcohol ink painting compositions for my local workshops as I have many students taking multiple sessions. They really challenge me to keep the content new!

I always keep a book where I write down observations and ideas for paintings. This past spring, I made a note about how we don’t have dandelions where I live. One could think that’s a blessing or one could love those swaths of yellow color in the lawn or fields. So, I pulled out that inspiration and decided to paint it! Armed with a piece of Yupo and some inks, I just had a blast!

My students had fun with this one, too! Here is both my painting and the students’:

My Painting – Dandelion Field

Student Paintings

They did a great job! I just love how we all start out using the same techniques, the same composition, and the same colors and create truly unique and individual art.

More Student Paintings

So now it’s your turn! Time for you to paint some dandelions of your own! Grab a sheet of Yupo, a makeup sponge, blending pen, brushes, and inks. Find an hour of “me time” and create your fun piece!

Click Here to Access the Video Lesson

Have fun with this and share your paintings on my facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/korinnecarpinoart. I’d love to see your work!

Happy Inking!

Dandelion Field - Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper