Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great time experimenting with making alcohol ink and resin coasters with your silicone mold. Now, you could leave the disk the way it came out of the mold. But, it might have a somewhat sharp lip on it. And, that doesn’t give it a finished look.

resin coasters with alcohol ink

Let me share with you the next steps to achieve that smooth, highly polished look that I created.

You will need:

• A container of water big enough to dip the disk into

• Wet/Dry sandpaper 200 grit

• Paper towels

• Small plastic cup or another object to set the disk on to raise it from the surface to apply resin

• Art resin epoxy and hardener

• Mixing cup

• Mixing stick

• Level

• Small cup to apply the resin with (I use a medicine cup)

• Butane Torch

• Box to cover the disks to cure

Click HERE to view the video demonstration.

I hope this helps you as you finish your beautiful coasters. I would love to see you share your finished product!

Happy Arting!