How to Add a Dust Cover and Hanging Hardware to your artwork


Why put a dust cover on the back of your artwork?

Have you ever looked a piece of  finished artwork that has been hanging for a while and see dust between the mat and the glass, or some little insect has nested in the back of artwork created on a cradled wood panel or canvas?  Adding a dust cover can protect your artwork from:

    • Bugs
    • Dust
    • Air Pollutants
    • Humidity fluctuations which can damage the artwork

And, adding a Dust Cover gives a finished, professional look to your artwork.

    • If you are selling your artwork, the back of it should represent the same care that you took with the rest of your creation.  The dust cover gives a nice, neat look.

How do I  add a dust cover and hanging hardware to my artwork?

It’s pretty straight forward. Watch the video to learn how.

You will need:

    • Brown Kraft Paper
    • Ruler
    • Masking Tape
    • Double Sided Tape – Good Quality a Must!
    • Knife
    • Bone Folder (optional)
    • Scissors
  1. Measure the finished painting and cut a piece of brown kraft paper two inches wider    and two inches longer than your painting.
  2. Tape the edges of the paper down on a cutting mat.
  3. Place your painting face down on your work surface.
  4. Affix double-sided tape close to the outer edge of each side of your frame.
  5. Turn the artwork over onto the paper.  Press well.
  6. Flip the artwork back over – dust cover side up.  Use a bone folder or scissors to burnish the paper against the tape.
  7. Using the ruler as a guide, trim back the paper just inside the outside edge of the frame.
  8. Optional:  Add a kraft paper pocket to the back to hold information about the artwork.

Affix your hanging hardware and you are all set!

If you are interested in learning more tips, tricks and techniques, Visit my other blog posts.

dust cover for artwork