It’s January in Florida which should bring cooler, brisk air.  But, this week we have spring like temperatures in the low 80’s!  Of course, for me,  this just inspires me to paint a vase of flowers with alcohol inks and a rocket duster.  

One of my favorite tools to use to move alcohol inks is a computer duster.

This tool, meant to blow dust out of a camera or keyboard and other computer parts, gives a gentle puff of air which is easily controlled as you squeeze the tool.  I use a rocket duster which I found on Amazon.  Any type of camera or computer duster tool will work.  In fact, Ranger Inks just added their own blower tool to the Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink tool collection.  It will be available in February.

So why this tool instead of a straw, airbrush or canned air? 

It provides a gentler puff of air with more control.  As such, the alcohol inks move a shorter distance.    You can control the direction and distance the alcohol inks spread by moving your arm while squeezing the tool.  Ok, yes it takes practice, but it is great for getting that abstract flower look.  


Vase of Flowers Blog Post


In this video demo of Paint a Vase of Flowers with Alcohol Inks and a Rocket Duster,

I will show you how to use the rocket duster to make interesting patterns in the vase as well as how to blow flower petals.  

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This tool is especially helpful when painting  abstract poppies, my favorite flower.

Try it with any kind of abstract painting you are working on.  You can blow alcohol inks used straight from the bottle, or add alcohol or blending solution to thin the inks down.  When using thinned inks and this tool, you can get that wispy effect that is popular with many artists today.

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