Tuscany Window Alcohol Ink Note Card


Notecard features an image from an original alcohol ink painting by the artist

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Tuscany Window Alcohol Ink Note Card Alcohol Ink Notecard features an image from an original  painting.

    • Tuscany Window showcases the picturesque sight of a flower-filled window box resting on the ledge of a weathered building in Tuscany.
    • The image brings to mind a nostalgic charm of the old world, and 
    • the weathered blue shutters form a backdrop for the geranium-filled box.
    • The painting  presents a delightful scene reminiscent of strolling down a charming street adorned with flowers.
    • Just imagine the scent of fresh blooms mingles with the earthy aroma of aged stone and sun-baked clay,
    • creating an olfactory experience that transports one to a simpler time.
    • Each detail of this quaint window scene tells a story of timeless beauty,
    • where the past and present harmonize effortlessly, and 
    • The sight of the window, with its vibrant flowers and rustic charm,
    • invites the viewer to pause, reflect, and perhaps dream of the countless generations who have gazed out from behind those same blue shutters.
  • Alcohol Ink Note Card is 4.5″x5.5″.
  • Blank inside for your personal message.
  • Heavy weight card stock with high gloss  finish.
  • Envelope included.
  • Packaged in an acrylic envelope for protection.